High Quality garden rooms for work & play

RUMIPOD garden rooms are ideal for Home Office, Creative Studio or Recreational Use.

Stunning design, fully insulated, with precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail, combined with all year comfort & low maintenance.

Unique garden rooms available in 3 sizes x 3 colours – only from RUMIPOD.

Designed & Manufactured in Fife, Scotland.

contemporary garden room in Scotland used as home office
modern garden room in Fife, Scotland shown as compact home office
angled view of modern garden building with curved shape, finished in dark grey colour, with woman sitting inside
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Which Rumipod for you?

RUMIPODS are available in three sizes (PICO, MODO or AMPO) and three cladding colours, together with a wide range of interior fit-out options.

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Find Out More
line up of 3 sizes of contemporary garden rooms
line up of 3 sizes of modern garden rooms
line up of 3 sizes of modern garden buildings

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