line up of 3 sizes of contemporary garden rooms, with 3 cladding colour options

Which Rumipod For You?

Available in three sizes (PICO, MODO or AMPO) and in three appealing colours, which are designed to complement your garden setting.

RUMIPOD garden rooms come with a wide range of interior fit-out options. We can help you choose the internal details, like flooring type & wall colours, and ensure lighting & power socket details meet your needs precisely.

Every RUMIPOD customer will have different priorities & requirements for their garden room; whether for work, creative or recreational space (or a combination of all three), we are happy to advise which of our three models (PICO, MODO or AMPO) will suit your needs best.

plan view of smallest garden room

External = 2.50m x 2.62m
Internal = 2.10m x 2.00m

Ext = 2.50m x 2.62m
Int = 2.10m x 2.00m

elevation view of smallest garden room
plan view of medium garden room

External = 3.10m x 2.62m
Internal = 2.70m x 2.00m

Ext = 3.10m x 2.62m
Int = 2.70m x 2.00m

elevation view of medium garden room
plan view of largest garden room

External = 3.70m x 2.62m
Internal = 3.30m x 2.00m

Ext = 3.70m x 2.62m
Int = 3.30m x 2.00m

elevation view of largest garden room
Interior view of Pico garden room from above, as home office


RUMIPOD Pico is our smallest garden room. Perfect for a home office, creative studio, or small garden sitting room. The Pico shares all the benefits of our larger pods – fully insulated, glazed doors, interior fit-out options etc. with a compact footprint that should fit any location. Our straight forward layout (with full height glazed French doors to the front) allows a flexible internal arrangement for desks, chairs, shelving etc. You’d be surprised how much you can pack in to such an apparently small space!

Interior view of Modo garden room from above, as garden sitting room


RUMIPOD Modo is our versatile mid-sized garden room, with 25% larger internal floorspace than the Pico. The extra area within the Modo makes for a perfect garden sitting room (with space for a small sofa & side chair) providing a warm & comfortable space to appreciate the garden. The Modo can also easily accommodate a home office area for two, with plenty of work & storage space, or a robust studio/creative space within the garden.

interior view of Ampo garden room, as combined sitting room and home office


RUMIPOD Ampo is our largest garden room, with 55% more internal floorspace than the Pico. The extra area within the Ampo means it can more easily accommodate dual uses, with plenty space for a garden sitting room & home office together. Alternatively, the Ampo may simply better accommodate a range of activities that require a bit more ‘elbow’ room. We are always happy to discuss your requirements & advise which of our pods would best suit your needs.

Probably the best way to understand which pod meets your needs best, is to get in touch with us and visit our demonstration pod in Fife. You’ll be surprised how much you can pack into our well designed spaces. Check out our activity / use section.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking (link opens a PDF in a new tab).

cartoon image showing interior uses for 3 sizes of garden room

Rumipod Colour Finishes

Available in three colour options

modern and contemporary garden room colour options with curved shape

The unique RUMIPOD design is offered in three main colours, which have been designed to complement a garden landscape setting. Unlike timber alternatives, our finishes are self coloured & require minimal maintenance.

Weather protection is provided by galvanised steel sheet, with a coloured polymer coating (in Terracotta, Anthracite & Ocean Blue finishes), together with our distinctively shaped composite front ‘bezel’ (silk grey finish) and high efficiency double glazed aluminium doors (satin black finish).

garden room cladding colour option in Terracotta



garden room cladding colour option in Anthracite



garden room cladding colour option in Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

prices from £18,900

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