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the space you deserve

The Rumi Pod provides a calm, comfortable and productive workspace – whatever the weather. Not just for work either. If you are professionally or recreationally

built to impress

Twin shell construction. A profiled mild steel exterior encases a rigid and highly insulated workspace. Argon filled doubled glazed doors maximise natural light as well

core simplicity

Intelligently designed. Factory manufactured. Modular assembly. Our aim to ease assembly on site has been realised. The manufacturing of the key components to factory tolerances

designed and made in the UK.

Rumi Pod ltd is a UK company and sources UK components. We make products fit for the diverse demands of a Northern European climate. The

permitted development

This is a national standard that means most locations in the UK do not need planning permission prior to an installation. The Rumi pod family

kind to the world

Temperature and noise insulated. Frugal energy requirements. The Rumi Pod is built to endure. The structural core is made from the same material used in