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Relying totally on solar energy ticks many boxes but how practical is this? We are seeing systems being promoted as off-grid. However a little maths raises some awkward questions. For all season, 365 day use you will need a heater and we don’t believe anything under 300 Watts will fit the bill. Add a bit of LED lighting, power for a laptop  and maybe a TV and you will need a solar system capable of capturing and storing 200 + amp hours to power an eight hour day. Storage isn’t actually the problem. A couple of 12v truck batteries (or equivalent) have that capability but ask the vendor to confirm that the panel efficiency and area is sized to capturing enough solar energy when the days are shorter and the weather much cloudier.

Rumipod can offer solar assisted systems that will significantly cut the reliance on grid power. We believe an “assisted” solution is a sensible balance of benefit and costs. For more info or a general chat call Stewart on 07711 577235.

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