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The pandemic has forced work and life changes and in particular the need for functional space away from the office. Investing in a garden room has a number of distinct advantages over re-purposing rooms or extending a family dwelling.

“Lots of people like where they live. I spoke to a couple the other day with two teenage children, they need more space…but they can’t find anywhere they like as much. [quote. Julian Owen, architect and author of Home Extension Design]


Move, extend or garden room?

Adding a Rumipod provides a detached room to your house will and avoids legal, conveyancing, architectural and planning fees. And there is nothing quite like a calm, mindful space amongst the flora of a garden

Why Rumipod?

  • Striking design that has taken many hours of design, pre-production refinement and tooling.
  • A design that appeals to innovators rather than followers.
  • Exacting engineering, factory tolerances, high quality components in and out – some more at home in an industrial or commercial setting.
  • Consciously not built down to a price. Uncompromising product quality
  • Inclusive pricing
  • Foundations – in the price subject to a survey that doesn’t flag unusual conditions
  • Cladding colour options – in the price.
  • Good ecology credentials in our manufacturing and installation processes. Ask.
  • Good thermal and sound insulation performance (so inexpensive to run)
  • Installing it – Low disruption
  • Lead times – generally six to eight weeks (possibly better if ex-stock)
  • Short on-site assembly time
  • Frictionless permitted development in most areas. We will do the checking and advise for your location.
  • Living with it – a joy
  • Light touch maintenance. A wash down now and then and some basic annual checks.
  • Built for decades of use.



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